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CLM Hand Sanitizier


CLM HAND SANITIZIER Choices of fragrance: -Berries -Lemon About the sanitizer: -Liquid form -Water…



Choices of fragrance:



About the sanitizer:

-Liquid form

-Water based

-Last for 3 years

Active ingredients:

-Ethyl Alcohol 75%

– PH 4.5-5.5

inactive ingredients:

Water, Caborner, Triethanolamine, Glycerin, Propylene, Glycol, Fragrance

Highlights(20ml sanitizer):

-More than 250 times spray (Dosage 0.07-0.09 ml per spray)

-Easy and convenient to carry (lightweight 38g)

-Will not leaks

-Case made by Polypropylene (PP) plastic material


-Environment friendly (recyclable)


-Heat resistant (will not melt under sun)

-Strong and safe

*For your safety, please prevent the sanitizer from exposing under the sun.


DirectionFor Use: Hold upright and spray on Hands, Elbow, and wrists.

Caution: Flammable! Keep away from fire or heat. Do not spray near eyes or on brokenskin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Harmful if taken internally.

**>250 times sprays

**Lightweight, portable, and easy to carry

**PP plastic is a recyclable


*Hand sanitizers should only be used when hand-washing is not an option, such as whenyou don’t have access to water or soap.

*Keep hand sanitizers out of reach.

*Store your hand sanitizer with medicines and household products, which should be away andout of sight in a cabinet where a child cannot reach them. *After using handsanitizer, do not leave it out. As soon as you are done using it, put it awayand out of sight.

*Monitor any hand sanitizer use. Make sure your child only uses hand sanitizer underadult supervision.

*When using hand sanitizer on yourself or your child, spray a dime-sized amount to dryhands and rub hands together until completely dry.


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