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CLM was established with the aim of providing Tit Tar services to clients seeking body balancing services. Master Chris Leong is a leading Tit Tar practitioner in Malaysia who uses traditional methodology to help clients achieve wellness and balance.

The Tit Tar principles are based on the belief that our health can be restored by returning the body's energy, balance, and harmony. With 9.5 million followers and 40 years of experience, Master Chris Leong utilizes the Tit Tar Method and new-age diagnostics to promote wellness and balance.

At CLM, Tit Tar practitioners perform precise body work after examining the complexity of body balancing. This is why the Tit Tar Method is effective in reducing body discomfort.

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Our Differences
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Master Trainer and Practitioners
The Chris Leong Method is imbibed in ancient Chinese Medicine practices. He is a renowned Tit Tar Master, personally investing his time to educate, train, certify and observe the practitioner at CLM, so that you are always in the safest of hands.
Holistic Diagnosis Process
Holistic well-being considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions, in the quest for optimal health and wellness. The holistic health assessment allows the practitioner to gain information essential for diagnosis, planning, and implementation.
Interdisciplinary Approach
Persistent discomfort is a significant and costly problem all over the world. However, our interdisciplinary programs significantly enhance the effectiveness of managing persistent discomfort, providing alleviation to client and presenting economically attractive solutions.
Connectivity with Chris Leong App
Get access to holistic care at the Click of a Button. The Chris Leong app makes it easier to book appointments, track progress, and stay connected to your preferred practitioner.
Client Centric Approach
Our approaches begin with a substantial amount of time spent just listening to the patient. By listening to the client and using our expertise to assess the problem, we are able to offer the perfect combination of modalities for reducing the body discomfort.
CLM Centres are strategically located across the Klang Valley, to offer you comfort near your doorstep.
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